Jason Volmut, CPU RX Founder & CEO

Over the last twenty years, CPU RX CEO Jason Volmut has deployed, secured, and maintained complex IT environments for hundreds of organizations.

Early on, Volmut realized his passion for technology could be used to help other businesses achieve their goals and dreams. His commitment to excellence allowed his small business to thrive. Over time, Volmut’s dedication has paid off – under his leadership, CPU RX has achieved over 10 years of consistent annual revenue growth without relying on outside capital.

Proven Expertise in IT Solutions

By supervising service delivery and collaborating closely with CPU RX team members, Volmut is able to deliver first class tech support, cybersecurity, managed IT, and cloud services. As he works with clients in a variety of industries, including biotech, transportation, B2B services, and city government, Volmut works to protect client data and minimize disruptions as systems are upgraded and organizations grow. 

Jason Volmut's leadership at CPU RX has helped numerous organizations across various industries overcome complex technical challenges and ensure security and regulatory compliance.

  • Securing Critical Infrastructure: Volmut's team safeguarded a major city's voter registration and election systems, solidifying CPU RX's reputation for robust security solutions.

  • Streamlining Government Operations: He streamlined critical technology systems for a local government, enhancing efficiency in departments like public works, police, and fire.

  • Facilitating Growth Through Mergers: Volmut's expertise helped a B2B services company integrate disparate systems after multiple acquisitions, supporting a 10x user base increase.

  • Building Compliant Startups: He built compliant IT infrastructures for biotech startups, ensuring adherence to FDA and HIPAA regulations.

  • Enhancing Transportation Security: Volmut assisted transportation companies in implementing crucial software and security upgrades to meet CTPAT compliance standards.

Exceeding Client Expectations

Jason Volmut's passion lies in fostering long-term partnerships. Combining his business acumen with technical expertise, he prioritizes clear communication, trust-building, and consistently exceeding client expectations.

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As founder of CPU RX, a technology firm specializing in cybersecurity, managed IT, consulting, cloud services, and tech support, CEO Jason Volmut has steered hundreds of firms through the complexities of IT management and information security.